by Santosh Kumar
on 09-04-2021

Why are email newsletters crucial?

There are various benefits of Newsletter and benefits why its crucial for any business but understanding some of the most common crucial benefits if having your own newsletter or getting your brand name incorporated in the as many community newsletter possible are incredibly important.

80% of B2B marketers strongly believe that email Newsletters can make or break the content marketing strategy and any organisation and is one of the most used forms of content marketing. If done the right way, email newsletters could benefit your business in many ways.

Constant source of traffic

Email newsletters are packed with content that is relevant and useful to your existing and potential customers, registered members, and subscribers.
Newsletters are one of the best tools available to provide value, generate interest, personalise content, and increase traffic to your website or blog.
you can generate a constant source of the traffic to your page or your website using newsletters and redirect the attention of your target market towards you effectively, Instead of assuming that your target market will find their way to you.

Increase your revenue with considerable savings

Email newsletters help you achieve brand retention which is an essential aspect of brand loyalty. You could generate a considerable amount of business and huge savings directly or indirectly by personalising email newsletters to improve the conversion rate, thereby boosting your email ROI. You could address questions they might have about your brand in blogs or offer special discounts or you could create a how-to series and help customers understand your product and its usage better

Easy to measure a newsletter’s performance

Like any other marketing strategy, an email Newsletter strategy needs to have parameters that help you measure success. Email newsletters are one the best tools to help you easily measure the performance by tracking open rates, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, click-to-open rate, etc. If you have a high unsubscribe rate, you need to make sure subscribers don't find your newsletters spammy or irrelevant. These are important and easy to measure metrics that analyze how your newsletters are performing and help you optimise your newsletters to convert better.

connection Independent of third parties

An email newsletter can establish a direct connection between you and the subscribers without the involvement of any other service providers or third party who could dilute the messaging of your content.

Easy link to other online marketing channels

Add your blog and social media links to the newsletter and you can bump your followers on these channels easily which makes promoting your brand is a lot easier when you have newsletters. Share exclusive discounts or host giveaways on social media promoted via newsletter for your niche market attention along with ensuring that your subscribers are up-to-date with your newsletter.

Deliver personalised experiences to your customers

You can deliver personalised experiences to your customers by understanding each customer segment's needs. Gives your newsletters a higher chance of being opened and read by catering to the preferences of your target audience and tailor the content to suit their needs. For example, you can reach a segment of customers who abandoned their carts by giving them a discount to nudge them to make the purchase. The newsletter can help you to show that you care about your existing and potential customers. it helps you build long-lasting relationships with them by genuinely trying to meet their needs.

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